I’m an avid label reader and very finicky about what I feed my family. My husband was diagnosed with leukemia (CML to be exact, thankfully very treatable and he’s been undetected for almost 5 years) shortly after we got married, and this was the catalyst for major clean living changes for our family. I started buying organic, reading ingredients and researching every purchase - my standards are HIGH. I hold those same high standards for Sweet’s Syrup, and my goal is to make it the best I am able using the cleanest, purest ingredients available.

The elderberries I use are exclusively organic and I would never downgrade to anything less. I would love to find a domestic organic source to cover my needs, there aren’t any organic elderberry farms that produce enough. Plus European organic standards are more stringent than American. Our berries are tops and went thru intense quality control standards - we’re so happy to have 2000 pounds of organic elderberries to be prepared for flu season!!


I am so thrilled to partner with Herb’s Honey, the absolute BEST. Not only is the flavor incredible - like I’m totally spoiled and can’t use anything else now, but it is harvested to create honey with the most medicinal qualities. John Caudle, my “honey guy”, Seasonal honey is a game changer for helping seasonal allergies - John harvests in Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer and Fall to produce batches of honey that fight what is currently blooming in the area. Honey harvested in the Spring won’t do much to help Fall allergies!! Herb’s is also very special because of the wide variety of foliage covered in this true blend of honey/pollen from bees in seven counties in and around Mecklenburg County, NC. This gives effective allergy relief in any region South of the Mason-Dixon line and East of the Mississippi - WAY more than the typical 10 mile radius of neighborhood hives. Read more about Herb’s Honey and how it helped heal John Caudle’s throat cancer in this Charlotte Magazine article.


Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon and Cloves - also all organic, of course! I’m planning to make a trip to Sri Lanka this year where Ceylon Cinnamon originates - in my research I was excited to hear that ginger and cloves are grown there as well. I really want to see where my ingredients come from and find the most potent, high quality sources from businesses with the same high standards and values as Sweet’s. Plus, have you seen photos of Sri Lanka? GORGEOUS!

There is nothing else is in Sweet’s Syrup - no preservatives (citric or ascorbic acid), no fillers, no thickeners. Just a simple list of potent ingredients straight from Mother Nature, free from any contaminants and toxins.


The commercial kitchen where Sweet’s Syrup is made is TOP NOTCH - my professional chefs won’t even let me in there while they’re producing to maintain their high sanitation standards. Best of all their kitchen is peanut-free, tree nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and shellfish-free. The only top allergen they use very infrequently is soy and they take great precautions to avoid any cross-contamination. It is stored in a sealed part of their pantry away from other foods and used for the last recipe of the day with a special cleaning. As an allergy mom, this is SO IMPORTANT to protect children with allergies! They have the process nailed down and get it spot on each and every time for a safely made, consistent and delicious syrup!!!

Secret ingredient? A lotta lotta love, positive energy and genuine good intentions for good health and wellness for all my customers. In my journey to cleaner living I’ve learned that food is medicine and Mother Nature provides so much goodness!! I have received testimonials that have brought me to tears, truly amazing. Elderberry syrup has done wonders for keeping my family healthy and I truly wish the same for you and yours!

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