Achoo! Gesundheit! Bless you! The dreaded allergy season is upon us...We welcome Spring with open arms for it's warmer weather, but dread the pollen hostile take over. The puffy face, red itchy eyes... it’s just horrible. Sweet’s Syrup is a natural, organic and highly effective solution for you to fight allergies.

We use raw, local honey to help our immune systems develop antibodies to fight off the seasonal irritants that are in bloom. When bees pollinate they travel to all the flowers in the area and their little legs collect propolis which is gathered from trees, sap, and flower pollen. This propolis (which also acts as a natural antibiotic) then becomes part of the honey. By consuming a little bit of what is causing the irritation (in the case of seasonal allergies is pollen from all the blooming fauna), it helps builds up immunity and reduces sensitivity - a type of oral-immunotherapy. The honey must be local (be sure it is legit local, there is a lot of honey brought in from out of state - you'd be surprised!) and collected from near where you live to ensure all the irritating fauna is included. We use Herb's Honey and he has over 600 hives across the state, which makes Sweet's a beneficial allergy remedy across North Carolina. Herb harvests four times a year to maximize their allergy effectiveness. We change our honey with the seasons to fight what is currently blooming - honey harvested in different seasons would not be beneficial.

Allergies are all about inflammation. All those puffy eyes, swollen throats and skin rashes - all inflammation. The cinnamon, ginger and cloves in Sweet's Syrup are also very anti-inflammatory and jam-packed with antioxidants. They give the honey a real boost and their synergy creates a very powerful allergy fighting natural remedy. Many loyal Sweet's customers never run out of a bottle during allergy season because as soon as they stop taking it their symptoms return. Ideally start taking a daily dose 3-4 weeks prior to when symptoms start up to build up immunity and hopefully remain symptom free. If symptomatic take a dose every 3-4 hours until symptoms subside and then continue daily. It is best to be proactive rather than reactive so take prior to spending a lot of time outdoors! 

Raw, unprocessed honey is crucial - any heating or pasteurizing kills the live enzymes and benefits of the honey. The reason why Sweet's Syrup has to be refrigerated is because we don't do a "hot pour" to kill all the bacteria. This makes the syrup shelf stable but reduces the honey to just a sweetener. Keeping it in the refrigerator allows Sweet's to preserve all the benefits of the nectar of the Gods.  

Honey's benefits don't end with allergies - it is loaded with trace enzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins which can help many different ailments and heath problems - it covers all the "anti's". It's anti-microbial properties can inhibit over sixty different species of bacteria. Honey is very anti-inflammatory and can give soothing relief to irritated throats, bronchioles and sinuses. Contrary to popular belief, raw honey has a lower glycemic index and can actually decrease blood glucose levels. It's also anti-fungal qualities can help get rid of different candida species, as well as athlete’s foot, dermatitis. Honey has long been used to help heal wounds as well as burns, itchy skin, hives, cuts, ulcers, and bug bites. So much SWEET goodness!!! 

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