About Sweet’s Syrup:

Help! We have picky eaters!

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From the start, we discourage referring to Sweet’s Syrup as medicine of any sort. Give it a fun name: magic syrup, num-num, honey juice, or just Sweet’s! One family named it “the good stuff.” For toddlers, try a medicine syringe, which fits nicely into the pint-sized Sweet’s bottle. For older children, make Sweet’s special by using a fun shot glass. Sweet’s Syrup is delicious swirled into yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothies. It also pairs nicely with hot tea or whiskey, for picky eaters of the adult variety.

How much and how often should I Use Sweet's Syrup?

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An adult serving is 1Tablespoon per day, while a child’s serving is 1 teaspoon per day. Serving frequency may be increased to every 3 hours if desired. Make pouring easy with a zero-drip pour spout and measuring a breeze with a dosage-marked shot glass!

Is Sweet's Syrup safe for me?

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Sweet's contains unpasteurized honey, which can be risky for certain individuals. Please consult your doctor before consuming Sweet's if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a specific condition such as auto-immune disease. If you'd like a syrup without honey, pick up a Sweet's DIY Kit! Sweeten to your liking with agave, erythritol, or Stevia.

At what age can I start giving my little one Sweet's Syrup?

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Children over one year of age can safely consume unpasteurized honey. Please confirm with your pediatrician. If you'd like our syrup without honey, try a Sweet's DIY Kit, and sweeten to taste with fruit juices or nectar. Many little ones like unsweetened syrup stirred into fruit puree or applesauce.

How long will Sweet's Syrup last?

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Sweet's Syrup MUST be refrigerated. Each bottle has a sell-by date on the bottom. This is NOT an expiration date. Once a bottle is opened, we recommend consuming within 3-4 months. Unopened bottles stored in the fridge are good for 2-3 months from the sell-by date. Freeze syrup in ice cube trays for longer-term storage.

My syrup arrive with a melted ice pack. Is it ok?

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Yes. Online orders ship with an ice pack in an insulated pouch. Sweet's has been successfully tested for safety at room temperature for several days. However, you should get your syrup into the fridge as soon as it arrives.

I don't live in the Southeast. Will Sweet's Syrup still benefit me?

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The honey in Sweet's contains pollen from foliage common to the Southeastern U.S. If you live outside this region, we recommend eating raw honey from your area each day, in addition to using Sweet's Syrup. You might also consider making a Sweet's DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit, adding YOUR local honey.

About DIY Kits:

How Do I Use Alternative Sweeteners?

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The instruction card on Sweet's DIY Kits indicates that you should add up to 1-1/4 cup of honey or fruit nectar to your cooled syrup. Some alternative sweeteners measure cup-for-cup like sugar, so follow the amount printed on the card. Others tend to be even sweeter than sugar, so you'll use less. If you're looking for a helpful conversion chart for a range of alternative sweeteners, try this one from

How Do I Store My Finished Syrup?

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You may store syrup in the fridge or freezer in a clean jar, bottle, or container with a lid. If freezing syrup, leave at least 1” of headspace in the container when adding syrup. Allow the syrup to freeze completely before adding the lid. Consume unfrozen/thawed syrup within 2-3 months, and always keep refrigerated. 

About Dried Elderberries:

How do I use them?

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Sweet's Dried Elderberries are excellent additions to jams, jellies and preserves, especially when combined with other fruits! We're big fans of a strawberry-elderberry combo!

If you're baking with your berries, rehydrate them first by soaking in a bit of hot water until plump. Drain excess water, then use.

Can I Eat Them Raw?

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No. Most parts of the elderberry plant, including the berries, can make you sick if eaten raw. Cooking removes the unhealthy ingredient and allows you to safely enjoy the incredible health properties! Rich in fiber, Vitamins A and C, betacarotene, iron, potassium, and antioxidant polyphenols, this little berry is a powerhouse of flavor and nutrition.

How Should I Store Them?

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Keep dried elderberries in a cool, dry place. A sealed bag or container in your fridge would work well.

About Extract:

What's an Extract?

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Extracts are created by soaking plant materials in alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin. This draws out the
active ingredients and concentrates them in a liquid. Sweet’s Elderberry Extract uses glycerin for this.

What does it taste like?

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Sweet's Elderberry Extract is not sweet. It tastes simple and natural. Many customers say it reminds
them of fresh blackberries. If you don't prefer the plain flavor, mix your daily dose with a beverage or smoothie.

Who Might Prefer Extract?

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● Customers who prefer simple, straightforward products
● The economical shopper: This product offers high potency at a great price point
● Customers avoiding sweeteners due to clean eating, diabetes management, or keto diets
● Vegan customers: This is a honey-free elderberry option
● Customers who are allergic to or dislike spices typically found in syrups, tonics, and fire ciders
● Parents of little ones: This honey-free, alcohol-free elderberry supplement is baby-safe! It's also perfectly safe for use during pregnancy and nursing.

What do glycerin and malic acid do?

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Organic glycerin is used to ease the natural bitterness of elderberry while extracting all its goodness in an alcohol-free process. The result is a simple, clean flavor and a highly concentrated, potent product. Our glycerin is carefully sourced and may include palm or flax, but never soy.

While Sweet's products have traditionally been preservative-free, we chose to use a very small amount of malic acid to make our Extract completely shelf-stable for up to two years. Malic acid comes from apples, and has the added benefit of increased natural energy, without sugars.

How do I use Extract?

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Adults and big kids should take 1 TBSP daily.

Babies and small children will take 1 tsp daily. To administer this product to a baby, use a medicine dropper and apply to the inside of their cheek.

Shake well before use. Do not exceed suggested usage. Taking more than the recommended amount may cause loose stools due to glycerin content.

Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are managing a chronic health condition.

Can I give extract to a baby?

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Yes. Simply dropper the smallest serving (1 tsp) into your baby’s cheek, allowing it to run slowly down their throat.

In addition to supporting a baby’s immune system with elderberry, the glycerin in our Extract can assist babies who are constipated, helping them produce softer stools.

We recommend parents of infants consult their pediatrician before beginning any new supplements.

Is this an extract for baking?

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No. Unlike the vanilla extract or almond extract on your pantry shelf, Sweet’s Elderberry Extract is an immune-support supplement.

Where should I keep my extract?

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Unopened Extract can be stored on a shelf for up to 2 year, away from heat and direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening for best flavor.

About Shipping, Subscribe & Save Membership, or Selling Sweet's:

When will my order ship?

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We ship daily Monday through Thursday. You will receive tracking information by email within 1-3 business days of placing your order. You should receive your order within 4-7 days, depending on where you live. Orders containing perishable Syrup placed at the end of the week may not ship until the following Monday, to avoid weekend postal delays affecting product quality. If it's been a week since you placed your order, please email us directly at for help.

My syrup arrived with a melted ice pack. Is it OK?

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Yes. Online orders ship with an ice pack in an insulated pouch. Sweet's has been successfully tested for safety at room temperature for several days. However, you should get your syrup into the fridge as soon as it arrives.

If your product was delayed in transit or arrives quite warm, or you feel something is not right, please contact us at

What products are eligible for Subscribe & Save?

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Eligible products include:

Sweet’s Syrup

Sweet's Syrup Value Packs

DIY Kits

Kit + Honey Combo Packs

Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub

Unsweetened Extract

Daily Defense Tincture

How does Subscribe & Save work?

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Set your preferences for quantities and delivery frequency, and agree to subscribe for a minimum of two orders. You'll be prompted to set up an account with a password. Sweet's products will arrive on your doorstep right when you need them, and you'll save 10%! One week before scheduled shipping, you'll receive an email from us. You'll be charged when your order ships. Shipping takes 4-7 days, depending on where you live. You may cancel after the two-order minimum (but we think you'll want to stick around!) and your quantity/frequency, preferred items, shipping times, and address may be adjusted anytime by editing your account preferences. If you need help or have issues with your order, email

How can I access my Subscribe & Save account?

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View and make changes to your account by clicking here. You must log in to your Sweet's customer account to access the Manage Your Subscription feature. If you have any issues with your account, please email for assistance.

I'm interested in becoming a Sweet's Retailer! What's next?

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Please email and a member of our sales team will get in touch with you!

My question isn't on this list...

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Please reach out to us at We're happy to help!

About Sweet’s Shrub:

What is a shrub?

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It’s an old-school beverage, originally made with fermented fruit and sugar. In colonial times and earlier, it helped preserve a surplus of produce when refrigeration was scarce. Today, in place of fermentation, we use apple cider vinegar to create the acidulated zing associated with the drink. Vinegar-based drinks have been used for centuries to settle the stomach, promote gut health, and improve hydration.

How do I use sweet's elberberry shrub?

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If you like taking apple cider vinegar for gut health, but wish it tasted better, Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub is the answer. At the same time, you’ll receive a high dose of immune-supporting elderberry - 1,440 mg per Tablespoon! Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub adds a delicious flavor boost to seltzer, sparkling water, kombucha, cocktails and mocktails, and even salad dressing!

Does shrub go in the fridge?

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Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub is shelf-stable until opened. After that, please keep it in the fridge and use it within a year.

Syrup or shrub? I'm confused.

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Sweet’s Syrup and Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub can sit side by side in your fridge! Both are delicious and effective, but have different ingredients and flavors, as well as different uses. 

A daily dose of Sweet’s Syrup supports your healthy immune system with 1,500 mg of elderberry per serving, along with the pollen protection of seasonally rotated raw honey. With a spice blend of cinnamon, clove, and ginger, Sweet’s Syrup is delicious in beverages, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, and ice cream, plus sweet and savory sauces.

If you like taking apple cider vinegar for gut health, but wish it tasted better, Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub is the answer. At the same time, you’ll receive a high dose of immune-supporting elderberry - 1,440 mg per Tablespoon! Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub adds a delicious flavor boost to seltzer, sparkling water, kombucha, cocktails and mocktails, and even salad dressing!

About Tincture:

What's a Tincture?

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Tinctures are herbal extracts made by soaking plant materials in alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin. This draws out the active ingredients and concentrates them in a liquid.  

What does it taste like?

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Sweet's Daily Defense tastes SIMPLE, not sweet.  Customers who want the convenience of a tincture but wish to add sweetness may dropper their dose into water, juice, or a smoothie.

Who might prefer a tincture?

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Tinctures appeal to:

Customers who want a very straightforward product

Travelers - this 2 oz bottle is TSA-carry-on appropriate AND shelf-stable (no refrigeration required!)

Customers who are allergic to or preferring to avoid the spices typically found in syrups, tonics and fire ciders

Vegan customers - this is a honey-free elderberry option

Diabetic/LowGlycemic customers - this is a honey-free, sugar-free elderberry option

Parents of little ones - this is a honey-free, alcohol-free elderberry supplement that can be droppered into baby's cheek or added to a bit of water or juice

What does glycerin do?

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The glycerin in tincture helps to extract the elderberry goodness from the berries, add balanced flavor WITHOUT added sugar, and stabilizes the product.

Is this product safe for me?

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In general, Sweet's Daily Defense is safe for all ages.

Folks with auto-immune conditions are sometimes cautioned against elderberry. As always, those who are pregnant or nursing, or managing a chronic condition should consult their doctor.  

How much do I take?

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Adults and big kids can take 2 mL of tincture once or twice daily. Babies and little ones can take 1 mL of tincture once or twice daily. Do not exceed the recommended dosage, particularly in small children, as too much glycerin in your system can cause loose bowel movements. As always, please consult your personal healthcare professional if you have specific questions.

Which Sweet’s Products Are Best For Me?

Many households have EVERY Sweet's product in their kitchen or pantry, because they serve different purposes and complement the family’s wellness needs in various ways. Others choose the ones they’ll use most.

If you still have questions after reviewing the graphic below, please reach out to
A member of Team Sweet’s would love to assist you!

Sweet’s Syrup

• Daily immune, respiratory, and seasonal allergy support

• Symptom care for colds, flu, and allergies

• 1,500 mg of elderberry per Tablespoon

• With seasonal raw honey for cough control and maximum pollen support

• Antioxidant-rich spice blend of cinnamon, clove, and ginger

• Try in smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, tea, lemonade, seltzer, cocktails/mocktails, and sauces

• Not for use during pregnancy or with babies under 12 months

• To create a similar product with the sweetener of your choice, choose a Sweet's DIY Syrup Kit

• Keep refrigerated


• Concentrated daily immune support

• Unsweetened

• 3,000 mg of elderberry per Tablespoon

• Slightly bitter flavor, similar to blackberry

• Take alone or add to a beverage if preferred

• No sugar, alcohol, gluten or soy

• Vegan, keto, diabetic friendly

• Safe for use during pregnancy and nursing

• Safe for babies (1 tsp/day)

• Refrigerate after opening

Daily Defense

• On-the-go support for immune health

• Unsweetened

• 500 mg of elderberry per mL

• Adults/Big Kids = 2 mL up to twice daily. Babies/Little Ones = 1 mL up to twice daily

• Portable dropper-top bottle perfect for travel

• Vegan - Keto - Diabetic-friendly. Free from alcohol, sugar, dairy, soy.

• Tastes simple and pleasant, with no added sweetness

• Safe for use during pregnancy/nursing and with babies.

• Never needs a fridge

Sweet’s Shrub

• Daily support for the immune and digestive systems

• 1,440 mg of elderberry per Tablespoon

• Delicious by the daily dose or as a mixer for cocktails, mocktails, kombucha, seltzer and more. Flavorful addition to sauces and marinades.

• If you take ACV for gut health, but wish it tasted better, try this!

• Bright zingy flavor of apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger, sweetened with a smidge of organic cane sugar

• Vegan. Safe for use during pregnancy and nursing.

• Refrigerate after opening.

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