Sweet's Syrup turns THREE YEARS OLD on March 3rd!  How cool is that?!?  3 on 3/3!   In honor of the occasion, we're creating a new holiday - Sweetsgiving!  

Every year, our anniversary week will be full of giving back to our community, something that is so important to us at Sweet's.   And to make it extra special and fun, you're all invited to celebrate Sweetsgiving with us!  

During the whole week of March 3rd, every pint of Sweet's Syrup you buy will be matched!  Sweet's will donate a bottle in your name to an organization that cares for people with weakened immune systems.  You can share the health-boosting powers of elderberry syrup with those who need it most!  

Where will we spread the Sweetness?

Levine Children's Hospital:  Sweet's is already helping keep the nursing staff of the NICU, Pediatric Oncology Unit, and Progressive Care Unit healthy.  The patients in these units have under-developed or compromised immune systems, and it's critical that they have healthy caretakers!  Many nurses report a big reduction in their sick days after incorporating Sweet's Syrup into their daily routines.  It's been an awesome collaboration so far, and you can help it continue!  


Pierce's Project:  This non-profit was founded to support families of premature or chronically ill infants before, during and after their stays in the NICU.  Its founders are paying forward the love and support they received when their son Pierce was born four months early, weighing only 1 pound 8 ounces.  Premature babies are more vulnerable to infection due to immature immune systems.  If a baby's parents or siblings get sick, they can't be around the baby until they're better, disrupting the critical bonding process and adding stress to an already challenging situation.  Pierce's Project will directly supply families of preemies with Sweet's Syrup, to help keep their immune systems in tip-top shape.  


Foster Village Charlotte:  Foster parents have hero status, in my eyes.  My dear friend Sloan Crawford is a rock star foster mom.  She helped establish Foster Village as a support network for foster families.  They do incredible work and spread so much love!  Many foster children have poor immune systems and frequent illnesses.  In partnership with Foster Village Charlotte, Sweet's will donate syrup to foster families, so they can strengthen the precious children in their care.


Are you ready to celebrate Sweetsgiving with us?  Here's how!

1.  Purchase a pint-sized bottle (16 ounces) of Sweet's Syrup between March 3rd and March 10th, at any of our retailers or online.

2.  Take a photo with your bottle and SMILE!  You're doing a really good thing!  

3.  Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook, tag us at @sweetssyrup, and use the hashtag #Sweetsgiving.  If you don't have social media, please email your photo to give@sweetssyrup.com.  

4.  Share what we're doing with your friends and family, so we can spread even more Sweetness!


Donated bottles will be supplied to the above-named organizations over the course of the year, ensuring a steady stream of fresh goodness.  If you know other organizations that would benefit from Sweet's, please let us know so we can check them out!


Finally, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to all my loyal Sweet's customers.  The past three years have been amazing.  Hearing stories of how Sweet's helps you brings me such joy, and I'm so honored to have earned your trust.  Thank you for partnering with Sweet's to pay forward all those blessings to the community.  I can't wait to see what Year Four will bring!  Happy Sweetsgiving! 

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