Red Light Therapy

Light isn't just a stimulus for plants. It's also important to human health!  Effects and benefits vary with different colors or wavelengths of visible light, and one that's getting lots of attention right now: RED LIGHT.

Red light is easily absorbed by your cells' mitochondria, encouraging efficient production of ATP (energy), immune function, cell renewal, and stem cell regulation.

This non-invasive, UV-free process is called "photobiomodulation" and it may help your body naturally improve with:

  • Skin health, including wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and acne 
  • Wound healing
  • Inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Circulation
  • Melatonin production for good sleep
  • Lymphatic flow for immune health
  • Thyroid function for immune health
  • Mood regulation

Our bodies are meticulously designed to repair themselves.  When we are sick or hurt, our instinct is often to treat or mask the symptoms, rather than deal with the problem at its root. 

The more natural path is to nourishing our bodies with good food, quality sleep, clean supplements like Sweet's Elderberry, and immune-supporting stimuli like light or cold water therapies.

Ready to try red light therapy for cell replenishment, faster healing, and a stronger immune response?  

You could visit a salon or spa, but that can cost hundreds of dollars per session.  The most economical option is to invest in a small home system.

The Lume Box is a handheld device that can also be mounted on a stand.  It can be set up in an area where you are already relaxing or engaging in other tasks, and is safe for all ages.  

While the initial price may seem steep, those who use the product daily find that the system pays for itself quickly!

Aim for daily exposure of 20-30 minutes.  If you're sick or injured, do this twice a day.  You can point the device toward the area that's troubling you, like a cut on your leg or a sore throat, or just let it radiate over your whole body from a distance.

Safety note:  If you're pointing the red light directly at your face, perhaps to target acne or a facial injury, you'll need to use an eye mask or blue light protective glasses.  (This is not necessary if the box is just sitting nearby.)  Please supervise small children around a red light therapy device.

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