How Does Elderberry Fight Flu?

Elderberry has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for respiratory illnesses, and a 2019 University of Sydney study has shown exactly how this tiny superfood works against viruses - with a focus on influenza (flu).  

Viruses replicate or reproduce in your body by hijacking your healthy cells and using them as a "copy machine."   

Viral particles have certain proteins on the surface that perfectly fit into acid receptors on human cells, like a key and a lock.  Once the key turns the lock, the virus easily enters the cell nucleus and uses the "machinery" there to copy itself.  

In the case of flu, it's a quick process - only about 6 hours will pass between exposure/time of entry to viral replication.

You likely won't feel any symptoms yet, but the copy machines are running, with more being added every moment.

Elderberry is able to block the proteins on the viral particle's surface from attaching to your cell's surface.  This stops or slows the virus enough for your body to notice what's happening and begin fighting the infection.  

This protein-blocking activity is possible because Elderberry is rich in antiviral phytonutrients called anthocyanidins, which also give the fruit its dark purple color.

In the study, researchers applied elderberry juice to three groups of cells:  uninfected healthy cells, cells currently being infected with flu, and cells already infected with flu. 

The elderberry application was a SUCCESS at:

  • Stopping the flu virus from entering the healthy cells;

  • Slowing down viral replication in cells actively being infected; and

  • Stimulating already-infected cells to release cytokines, a group of "messengers" the immune system uses to organize a response to fight the invasion.

Flu is a fast-moving infection, but it's possible to protect yourself! 

Taking Sweet's Elderberry on a daily basis BEFORE you're exposed is an easy, natural way to keep your body ready, all season long.

Have you had your Sweet's today?

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