Holistic, Proactive Immune Support

It's here.  Cold and flu season has arrived, as if we didn't already have enough going on. 

Makers of over-the-counter medicines are advertising away right now.

At Sweet's, we agree that it's wise to have a basic, carefully-chosen medicine supply.  (Check out what's in OUR must-have wellness stash!) 

However, we also encourage a holistic, proactive approach as we enter the annual Fall/Winter germ-fest. 

Some folks wait until symptoms start to take their Sweet's Syrup and extra Vitamin C, but it's important to support a HEALTHY immune system daily.

We asked Dr. Ana-Maria Temple, a Charlotte, NC-based integrative pediatrician, for her advice on supporting a healthy immune response, especially this time of year, and why she recommends a nutritional approach that includes Sweet's Syrup.  She shared, 

"The immune system cells are created from the food we eat.  If we eat processed food and take over-the-counter chemical concoctions, the cells are poorly built, leading to a weakened immune system."

Healthy foods can be fun!
Teddy loves elderberry smoothie pops!


A well-stocked medicine chest is like an arsenal.  But if we have not done what's necessary to build and support our fighting force - the immune system cells - our response to illness will not be as effective.  

The body is designed to fight infection, but it need tools.  We supply those tools through small, consistent, daily PROACTIVE choices, rather than a single major REACTIVE response.  What are those tools?

  1. Adequate rest
  2. Hydration
  3. Regular exercise, with fresh air whenever possible
  4. A healthy diet:  Dr. Temple believes "the best remedies for cold and flu are found in plants and spices."  We agree.  FOOD IS MEDICINE.
  5. Quality supplements covering the nutrients your diet misses.  For most Americans, this means Vitamins A, C, and D, as well as Magnesium.  

Sweet's products contain organic elderberry, which delivers immune-supporting antioxidants, antiviral properties, and Vitamins A and C!

The signature spice blend of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger in Sweet's Syrup and DIY Kits were chosen for their amazing scent and delicious flavor, but more importantly, because each of those spices has supportive health benefits.  When you take bottled Sweet's or add raw local honey to your Sweet's DIY Kit, you're getting another powerhouse ingredient!  Raw honey is an antiseptic with amazing ability to soothe cough and sore throat, and delivers healthful live enzymes to your digestive tract.  

Dr. Temple added, "I recommend elderberry because research demonstrates that it is effective."  

Adults and teens take one tablespoon of Sweet's per day, while children over age one take one teaspoon.  (Children under age one should not have products containing raw honey.  You can make a Sweet's kit with an alternate baby-safe sweetener for your littlest ones, or serve them Sweet's Elderberry Shrub, which is honey-free.)  

If you're feeling "under the weather" or are sure you've been exposed to something, increase your dosage frequency to every 3 hours as needed.

Have you had your Sweet's today?



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