Zero Drip Pour Spout

Sweets Elderberry Zero-Drip Pour Spout
Sweets Elderberry Pour Spout Bottle
Sweets Elderberry Zero-Drip Pour Spout
Sweets Elderberry Spout Zero-Drip Pour
Product image 1Sweets Elderberry Zero-Drip Pour Spout
Product image 2Sweets Elderberry Pour Spout Bottle
Product image 3Sweets Elderberry Zero-Drip Pour Spout
Product image 4Sweets Elderberry Spout Zero-Drip Pour

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This lidded, reusable zero-drip pour spout is perfectly sized for our 16 ounce bottles of Sweet's Syrup or Sweet's Elderberry Shrub. You won't waste a single drop of elderberry goodness!  

These handy gems can also stopper your bottles of wine, olive oil, and more!

To clean, soak in warm soapy water, then rinse.  Do not place in dishwasher.

Note: This spout will not insert completely into the neck of our 8 ounce bottles, but will sit about halfway down. This is still a secure fit for proper sealing and usage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Captain Russell
Fantastic little device

Have not spilled a drop since using this spout.

Patrice Roberts
Perfect Solution to a No Drip Pour

I love how this spout was offered. It helps to get all of Elderberry Syrup.

Tracy Barnes
Pour Spouts

They have worked great . Much more accurate with amounts.

Celeste Blackwell
Sweet Elderberry Syrup

Excellent product! I used to have a lot of sinus drainage daily due to my severe allergies! Not anymore. All natural product, awesome taste! The spout makes it easy to pour and not waste the product!

Lanna Cole
No drip

Before I had the Spout i struggled to not make a mess, on the bottle, on the counter, w the Spout, all contents end up in all the proper places, the spoon and MY BELLY!

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