Elderberry for Inflammation


Feeling worn out after a long day is perfectly normal, but prolonged body aches can be a sign of chronic inflammation or arthritis.  Understanding InflammationWhen our tissues are damaged by injury or infection, the immune system's natural response is inflammationInflammation can look like pain, swelling, redness, itching, or rash around the damaged spots. 

  • Acute inflammation is a response to external damage, like a cut or scrape.  It goes away when the wound heals.

  • Chronic inflammation is a long-term response, continuing even after the threat has passed.  

  • Arthritis is an umbrella term describing long-term joint inflammation and deterioration, with pain, swelling, and loss of mobility.

Inflammation has purpose.  It helps us notice the damaged area so we will care for it, and it stimulates the body's healing response. 

Can Elderberry Help?Elderberry is RICH in antioxidant value, far above other fruits.  Several recent studies have shown that antioxidants help reduce inflammation and arthritic symptoms.  As a result, many medical professionals recommend elderberry as a reliable natural treatment for inflammatory pain.If you are already taking a prescription for inflammation or arthritic pain, talk with your provider before adding Sweet's Elderberry. If you are already taking a prescription for an autoimmune condition, elderberry may be counterproductive on its own.  Some studies show that it can be helpful when paired with turmeric.  If this describes you, please check with your doctor before adding Sweet's Elderberry to your daily routine. 

Does Elderberry Ever CAUSE InflammationYes, and no.  Let's take a look. Elderberry increases antioxidant capacity and serves as an immunomodulator.  This means that when our immune systems are not functioning at a high enough level, elderberry can create a short-term boost.  This normally happens at the onset of a virus, when elderberry encourages helpful pro-inflammatory cytokine production.  In later stages of the virus, it works in the opposite way, inhibiting cytokine production.In other words, if you’re not severely ill, elderberry will reduce inflammation. But when required, it may temporarily increase your inflammation response to combat foreign invaders.  Studies conducted in 2021 concluded there is no evidence for concerns around overstimulation of the immune system with elderberry, and no reason for concern around cytokine storm.  Elderberry is SAFE.

The Bottom LineInvesting in an elderberry supplement goes a long way.  From treating cold and flu, to promoting clear skin and a healthy heart, to reducing inflammation, this tiny berry clearly has BIG BENEFITS!Have you had your Sweet's today?

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