Sweet’s Value Pack

Sweet’s Value Pack

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Save 10% with this bundle of TWO 16 oz bottles and ensure you always have Sweet's in the fridge for your family. 

Sweet's Elderberry Syrup supports a healthy immune system with 1,500 mg of elderberry per Tablespoon. Organic elderberries, filtered water, organic spices (cinnamon, clove, and ginger) are blended with raw Carolina honey that's rotated seasonally, giving you then Southeastern pollen blend you need, at just the right time. 

Delicious as a daily supplement or mixed into drinks, smoothies, and recipes both sweet and savory!

Preservative-free Sweet's Syrup requires refrigeration and has a 6 month shelf life when unopened. Opened syrup should be consumed within 3 months.

Consider adding a reusable, lidded no-drip pour spout to your order so you can preserve every drop of elderberry goodness.

COLD SHIPPING: At this time, Sweet's Syrup is shipped Monday through Thursday to ensure arrival within the proper temperature range, avoiding post office delays through the weekend. Your bottles may arrive at room temperature, and this is OK. This product has been successfully tested for short-term safety in this range. Simply refrigerate your syrup upon arrival. 

Customer Reviews

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Monica Rowe
Good stuff

I love that this is local and that it protects our immune systems and helps my family be safer, especially at this time of year!

Sandra Morrissette
Love the Sweet's Elderberry Value Pack!

I absolutely love Sweet's Elderberry syrup and take it daily. It tastes delicious and I love that something so yummy is also great for my health. I love the Value Pack because it's a great savings and I can make sure I always have a bottle of my Sweet's in the refrigerator -- thanks!

Glenn Brown
m m m mmm good!

Tastes great and lovely with soda water (spritzer)

Jess Welch
Sweets value pack

My family and I do not go a day without sweets syrup!

Tawanda Everett
Sweet’s Value Pack

I love ordering the value pack especially since we no longer live on the East Coast, it makes purchasing the syrup a lot easier. We also get two bottles at a great price.

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