Never Too Late To Change

In a few days, we'll celebrate the New Year.  Many people will make resolutions:  to be more organized, exercise regularly, eat healthfully, hydrate, get out of a social rut, or reduce screen time.  Simultaneously, others will choose NOT to make a resolution, thinking they're too set in their ways to change, and expecting to fail.

I'd like to encourage you with this:  It is NEVER too late to make a positive change, and you CAN do it.  

Case in point:  My parents.

For years, I've been urging, cajoling, and wheedling my parents about implementing healthy changes.  And for years, I met resistance, for all the typical reasons that people give when change seems daunting:  We've done it this way for years.  It's too expensive.  I don't think I'll like it.  It won't help.

Well, I am delighted to report that over the past couple of years, my parents began making major strides toward cleaner living.  Like any great journey, it started with a single step.  At my parents' home, that step involved celery.  LOTS and LOTS of celery.

Every single morning, my parents juiced raw celery, using the Medical Medium's protocol.  Within several months, they noticed a major improvement in their sleep, digestion, and joint health. 

Once they had a handle on juicing, they switched to a mostly plant-based diet, drastically cutting their meat and dairy intake.  My dad's cholesterol dropped steadily and is now 130! 

These successes built confidence that they could make further positive changes.  To address sleep troubles, they delved into essential oils and CBD oil, and they're resting more peacefully than they have in years.

And, at long last, they recently ditched national brand loyalty and made the switch to non-toxic cleaning supplies and detergent.

They feel great, and I'm so very happy!

There are, of course, limits in most people's lives.  Not every physical ailment can be fixed quickly, easily, or at all.  Some habits took years to develop, and may take time to correct.  But personal development doesn't ever have to stop, and you can start anytime.  It's never too late to improve in some area that means something to you.  

Set a reachable goal and make one small change. From that small change and success, you will gain confidence to make more and perhaps even bigger changes.  If there's a setback, try again.  You can do this!  

I'd love to hear what healthful changes you make in 2020! 

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