Elderberry Syrup Starter Pack

Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack Ingredients
Product image 1Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Product image 2Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Product image 3Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Product image 4Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Product image 5Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack
Product image 6Sweets Elderberry Starter Pack Ingredients

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Sweet's Elderberry Syrup supports a healthy immune system with 1,500 mg of elderberry per serving.  Take once a day for proactive wellness (1 Tbsp for adults/teens and 1 tsp for kids over age 1).  Take every 3 hours as needed for symptom support. 

The Sweet's Starter Pack saves $3 over buying each item separately!  You'll get:

  • One 16-oz. family-size bottle of Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup;
  • One lidded, reusable, zero-drip Pour Spout; and
  • One dosage-marked Sweet’s Shot Glass

Sweet's Syrup contains organic elderberries, filtered water, organic spices (cinnamon, clove, and ginger), and raw Carolina honey that's rotated seasonally, giving you the pollen blend you need at just the right time.

Delicious as a daily supplement or mixed into drinks, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, and recipes both sweet and savory.

Preservative-free.  Requires refrigeration.  Unopened bottles have a shelf life of 6 months in the fridge.  Consume opened syrup within 3 months.  Syrup may be frozen for longer-term storage.

COLD SHIPPING:  We ship Sweet's Syrup Monday through Thursday to ensure arrival within the proper temperature range, avoiding postal delays through the weekend.  We insert extra ice packs during summer.  Your bottle may arrive at room temperature, and this is OK.  Sweet's Syrup has been successfully tested for short-term safety in this range. Simply get your syrup into the fridge as soon as it arrives. 

Questions?  Visit our FAQs by clicking HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
James Robbins

I start with the Sweet's Elderberry Zero-Drip Pour Spout. I then put the aforementioned spout into the Sweet's Elderberry Syrup where all my elderberry health benefits lay. Or is it lie? Grammar is for those pedantic, captious folks who end up being teachers. Anyway, I pour those sweet elderberry benefits into my shotglass. L'Chaim!

Great product

Looking forward to purchasing again. Tastes great.

Gail Cutter-Johnson

Sweet’s Starter Pack

Love Sweets and even better shipped!

I love Sweets Syrup and Shrub! We use the shrub in cocktails and mocktails and I take my Sweets daily.. and look forward to it! I took advantage of the great sale and free shipping and was super pleased with how quickly everything arrived and the packaging!

Melodie Scarborough

I love Sweet’s Syrup!

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