Daisy If You Do

Loosely based on a classic Daisy-style recipe, this drink's fun name is a nod to the movie "Tombstone" - one of mixologist Ford Willis' all-time favorites.  Sweet's Elderberry Shrub adds bright flavor and gorgeous color.


2.5 oz bourbon ( Ford used Henry McKenna Sour Mash / for a non-alcoholic alternative, try Spiritless Kentucky 74 zero-proof bourbon) 

1 oz of Cardamaro (try Bitter Note brand for a zero-proof option)

1 oz Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub 

1.5 oz lemon juice 

.75-1 oz simple syrup 

2 dashes angostura bitters


Combine ingredients over ice, shake, and strain into a rocks glass over ice or a chilled cocktail glass. You can garnish with an expressed lemon peel for a lighter/fresher experience, or a maraschino cherry for a dark fruit/sweeter flavor.

By Ford Willis of Asheville, NC (@mountainmixologist)

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