How Our Family Uses Sweet's Products

I'm a firm believer that there's no "one size fits all" approach - and that definitely applies to supplements.  Our family of four is a perfect example.  We have the full Sweet's lineup at our house and use the products in different ways.  I'm thrilled that our brand-new Extract makes things even more versatile!

  • SYRUP is part of the morning routine for me and the kids.  If we come down with a respiratory infection or feel something coming on, we'll also take it every three hours while awake.  That raw honey is amazing at soothing a cough!  I always up my dosing during Spring and Fall allergy season too... no more OTC allergy meds for me!
  • TINCTURE is in my travel bag and car cup-holder.  It's perfect for wild mornings when we forget to take our Syrup at breakfast, and the whole family uses it when we travel.  I love the portability and that it never needs a fridge.  I wish this alcohol-free, baby-safe item had been available when my kids were infants!  I'm definitely giving this as a baby shower gift from now on.
  • EXTRACT is my husband Ed's new favorite thing.  He was born without a "sweet tooth" and that means he finds Syrup a little too sweet.  He's using Extract as his daily immune support.  I'm also recommending Extract to my friends who are vegan or following keto or diabetic diets! 
  • SHRUB is a favorite flavor-booster for drinks at our house.  I love adding it to sparkling water and mixed drinks, in addition to a daily dose for gut health.  
  • KITS are something we love to give as gifts.  They contain everything you need to make 32 oz. of Sweet's Elderberry Syrup, right at home... just add the sweetener you like best!  We like the customization aspect, and they're so much fun to do as a family project.

The side-by-side product comparison chart on our FAQ Page is super helpful for seeing the benefits, uniqueness, and usage of each item. 

If you still need help choosing the right combination for your family, just reach out to info@sweetselderberry.com.  We're more than happy to assist!


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